Would you like to help us shape the future of the for UNCUT! project?

It is always difficult to talk about financial aspects when you are the operator of a platform. You are quickly accused of trying to take advantage of your users, the recent growth on your platform or the good will of your followers and supporters, to fill your pockets with money.

At this point we would like to explain why we have reached a point from where we are dependent on some kind of “external” financial support. We have always tried to discuss important matters about or project openly with our community, so the following lines will be a bit more detailed.

But first let's take a look at the past…

When for UNCUT! was born as a Steam community group in September of 2009, we wanted to start some kind of silent protest with our friends and acquaintances. However, unlike expected, the inflow of new members did not stop with a few dozen or even hundred people – a continuous success developed from it. More and more people recognized the “higher goal” behind our group and joined us. Quickly a few thousand people had come together from all over the world and with each week there were more.

But the more we grew, the more we realized that we would need to discover new ways by changing our form of silent protest to a more sophisticated project. Thus, works such as our youth protection guide, cooperations with other platforms or the more detailed reporting were put into place.

The status quo

But where are we now? In the spring of 2016, when we were sending some wild thoughts back and forth for the first time, we noticed quite clearly that there is a lot that we would like to realize or at least like to try out. The problem was mainly one aspect: funding.

Even if, as usual, we had attempted to pool the necessary financial resources internally, we would quickly have reached our limits (and beyond), as each of us had (and still has) to deal with professional, personal and health related challenges, and no one could have contributed as much as any one of us would have liked.

An alternative that should enable us to realize the first of these “wild thoughts” was to change the partnership with Gamesplanet into an affiliate-based partnership that would share a percentage of the revenue generated by our community with us – and so our Gamesplanet affiliate program started on December 1st 2016.

With the launch of our website, the first of hopefully many more steps is being done, which allows us to aspire to new goals. Targets, for which it will again be necessary to collect new financial resources.

The future in mind

On one hand, we want to be as transparent as possible, on the other hand, we do not want to make promises about our ideas because we do not know where the journey ultimately leads us. Somehow it always ends up differently, and the last thing we want to do is to upset our many supporters and the great community that has grown over the years, or worse, disappoint them.

We know, we should have steered for UNCUT! into a new direction much earlier. Today is more hectic than ever and information needs to be handed over to the target group more and more rapidly. In this respect, we have missed the signs of the times a little. Social networks are one of several possible variants, another would be audiovisual media – those that come in sound and / or video form, that is – and we think that this should be our next target.

But all this has to be financed again, which brings us to the starting point, which is that we can not bear the costs for this endeavour ourselves.

Asked for by the community and finally available: Donations

With the news from November and December 2016, where we first pointed out financial bottlenecks and announced the change of the partnership with Gamesplanet, several members asked for a way to directly support us in the form of a PayPal donation.

Now, with the launch of our website, we officially introduce „A Donation for ‘for UNCUT!’”

But what will be done with your donation?

for UNCUT! first!

Regardless of how much funds are collected in the course of time, it always flows without exception into the expansion and further development of for UNCUT!

Cost recovery

The more extensive our project becomes, the more expensive the operating costs will be, apart from all the coffee.

Your donation will help us cover our costs and be on a safe footing.

Advertising free website
We hate websites whose operators are just bothering their visitors with flickering advertising boards. This will never happen to our website.
Ideas become plans
New ideas usually mean that you have to wait a long time to find financing. With your donation, we can implement our ideas at an earlier stage and better respond to suggestions for improvement.
Legal support
How often have we been at the point where we would have wished to have some kind of legal counseling in order to be able to clarify questions about youth protection regulations? With your donation we could cooperate with well-known law firms on a regular basis.
Giveaways & Events
There have always been giveaways in the past few years, and it is supposed to come back to us more frequently in the future. The more independent we are set up, the more frequently we can organize giveaways.
Secured by SSL/TLS protection

Data protection and data security are always important. In order to prevent third parties from compromising the link between us, the website, and you, the supporters, we secure our complete website via an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

100 % transparency

In order to give our already active supporters and those who would like to become one a detailled look into the current status of donations, we will publish completely anonymised statistics on this page, to ensure maximum transparency.

Total number of supporters to this day

Total number of monthly supporters

Number of new supporters from last month

This overview will be refreshed regularly.

And that is how it works!

It could not be much easier. Everything you need is two minutes of your time:

1. First choose an amount you want to donate. You can find some suggestions on the right side of your screen.

2. Would you like to support us once or on a monthly basis (recurring donation) with the sum determined by you? Make your choice and click the “Next” below.

3. Now we need some basic information about you. If you like, you can also add your foruncut.com username and a small message.

4. Now choose your preferred payment method. Credit card and PayPal are currently available.

5. Finally, click on the green button to complete the process – done!

Please note: Even though we are fighting for a good cause, for Uncut! is not registered as a NGO or charity. Therefore, we are not be able to issue tax-deductable invoices.

Thank you for your support!