Bundles! Who has not yet heard of this colourful and frequently theme-based packages that are filled to the brim with great games at down-right unbeatable prices? More gaming enjoyment is difficult to find elsewhere. To top it off, you even get to support charitable purposes with each and every purchase.  Since its inception in 2010, Humble Bundle has already collected 117 million dollars for such purposes, and they are just one of many bundle sites.

We would like to be part of this movement. Consequently, we are proud to announce that for UNCUT! has been a Humble Bundle partner since Christmas. We will now briefly explain what you have to do to not only support a charity, but also our very own project with your Humble Bundle purchase. Those of you who have already know our partnerships with Gamesplanet and Amazon won’t be faced with a big challenge, as the process is nearly identical.

Humble Bundle is divided into three sections: regular bundles, monthly bundles based on a subscription system, and the standard Humble Store, where games are sold individually in cooperation with the developers and publishers. As such, there are three important links that you can add to your bookmarks right away if you wish to also support us at Humble Bundle:

You will notice that Humble Bundle make it clear that you are browsing their site via our partner link. A great thing is that when you buy a regular bundle, i.e. not a charity only bundle, you can use the “Choose where your money goes” button to decide for yourself what proportion of your purchase goes to for UNCUT!. The default is 15 percent, but 25, 50, 75 or even 100 percent are possible. The content of the bundle is not affected by your choice, meaning that should you choose to give 100 percent to for UNCUT!, you will still get 100 percent of your ordered bundle.

Nonetheless, we will not withhold any warnings regarding content that is censored or modified for the German market. The only thing that is different is that you can now opt to support us with your Humble Bundle purchase. For those of you who have played with the thought of sending us a donation but have not taken any action yet, supporting us through Humble Bundle might be the perfect alternative.

As always, we thank you for any support that comes our way. You guys are the best!
Team for UNCUT!