Today, 3 December, the first Sunday of Advent has officially rung in the Christmas period. A few Christmas markets already opened their gates a few days ago to dish out not only some high-calorie treats, but also some of that delicious Glühwein that keeps the fingers warm and, with the help of an added shot, raises the mood. Cheers!

Of course, with the year coming to an end, we have to once again face on of the most daunting shopping periods. In light of this, we would like to make you aware of your chance to support us even in the purchase of non-digital products – at least as long as you live in Germany. If you are still hunting for those Christmas presents to give to loved ones and friends, and don’t dare leave the comfort of your own home to do so, please consider using our Amazon Affiliate link. Below, we explain what you need to be aware of and how you can support us even further, in case you are not living in Germany.


Please Note: Some of the links in this announcement lead to our partner programms with Gamesplanet (our choice for PC gamers) and, as of recently, to Amazon for our German followers. As always, any purchases made through these links help us financially without incurring additional costs to you. Thank you very much!



Who doesn’t know Amazon? With over 225 million listed products, Amazon has established itself as the world’s largest Internet retailer. This is a blessing to consumers in the run up to Christmas, as much time can be saved – and headaches avoided. If some of you already had the intention to buy one or two presents on Amazon, you can use your link to support us without incurring any additional costs. A new pair of sewing needles for grandma, a new console for your living room, or perhaps a new smartphone for your better half? You can get everything at Amazon.

Please be aware, however, that our Amazon partner programm is currently only available for our German followers. Unfortunately, Amazon requires partners to sign up on every single available store front (.de, .com, .fr, etc.), and since the vast majority of our community is located in Germany, it would make very little to no sense for us to sign up for other Amazon partner programms at the moment. We hope that the Amazon’s partner program will someday work just as smoothly as Gamesplanet’s, but until then we have no choice but to limit ourselves to the German program.



To the PC gamers amongst you, we can only continue to recommend our good partners, Gamesplanet, to you. Not only does Gamesplanet have many great Christmas deals this year, you can take advantage of being a member of our Steam group by getting an additional 3% off on your purchases (even after Christmas!). Connect your Steam account at Gamesplanet, activate the group discount and get started! Don’t forget to tell your friends about this – perhaps they will owe you a favour afterwards! 😉


Donate to for UNCUT!

In the past years, there were calls from the community stating that you would also like to support us through donations, so we took action on this. With the launch of our website, we started our campaign „A Donation for ‘for UNCUT!. Some sent more, some less, a few even send regular monthly contributions; all in all, the gesture means more to us than the sum that end sup on paper.

It is up to you whether or not you wish to support us once or, through automatic monthly payments of a pre-determined figure, regularly and help us to bring the future of „for UNCUT! to life. We have gained ground in recent months in reaching our next big milestone, but are still missing those few crucial yards. Any help that gets us closer to our goal is greatly appreciated!


+1 in the Social Networks

There is an entirely different way you can help us, too, and that is by telling your friends and family about us. Invite them to our Steam group, subscribe to our curator on Steam, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, visit our Discord server or, in anticipation of us going full throttle next year, follow us on our already-created Twitch and Youtube channels. Every „+1“, no matter on which platform, helps us greatly in the long run to continuously improve our content!


Final Words

That’s enough writing. No matter if and in what form you want to support us and our project, we appreciate every single member of our community. Without exception, 100% of the money that is generated through the channels mentioned above flow right back into our project, „for UNCUT!“, to allow our platform grow bit by bit. Now all that is left to say is that we wish you all a wonderful Christmas period. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, the coming weeks have their own, special charm nonetheless. And don’t forget, all that weight is gained between New Year’s and Christmas, not Christmas and New Year’s… 😉

Team for UNCUT!