Admittedly, we have hardly reported on Nintendo in the past and an announcement from us on hardware is even rarer. Now, however, a development in the industry has been made public which gives us the opportunity to touch on both of these topics at once.

As has been known since last year, Nintendo is planning to release a new device in 2017 which combines both the handheld and traditional console varieties. On January 12th, Nintendo didn’t only announce the recommended retail price of around 300 USD, but also that they will be completely doing without region locks on the Nintendo Switch.

“We have changed our approach: The software for #NintendoSwitch will not be region locked.”


Consequently, the Sony and Microsoft consoles are now not the only ones without region locks, giving German players greater freedom in their choice of games, particularly regarding media that is unrated or indexed. Nintendo has caught up with Sony and Microsoft and allows its customers – at least in this regard – a high degree of user-friendliness.



Thus, the PC is currently – and to the chagrin of hundreds of millions of users – the only widespread platform that has been spared region locks. Perhaps with this new standard in the console world, Valve, EA, Ubisoft and the rest will change their mentality and adapt their systems accordingly.