There is something we would like to address. It regards nothing less than the future of our group and we hope that you can appreciate the changes that will ultimately secure our existence in the years to come. Therefore, please try to understand why we felt compelled to bring about these developments. Continue reading to gain an insight into the status quo of our group and the future that we envision.

For about seven years now the for UNCUT! team has been keeping you updated on the censorship and indexing of games, the German legal system and other news regarding the German gaming scene, mostly relevant to Steam. The admins work tirelessly to provide this information in an as appealing, accurate, up-to-date and clear manner as possible, an example being with our curator and youth-protection guides. We seem to have done something right as in contrast to other groups, we have managed to hit the 100,000-member mark without the use of invite bots. For this, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

However, with the Steam Community, we keep arriving at the point where its inadequate functionality prevents us from providing information clearly. Furthermore, some clauses in Steam’s Terms of Use, such as regarding VPNs, uncut patches etc., keep coming in our (and your) way.

Lastly, being only present on Steam, and with it being difficult to get an overview of the happenings within a Steam group, it is a challenge for us to share our goal and our proposals for reaching it to a wider community. Outside visitors and new members of the Steam group cannot get an overview without having to dive into the depths of the forum, which takes considerable time.

Consequently, we have been thinking for quite some time now about how we can make ourselves less dependent on Steam – also because of the risk that Valve might “turn the valve” on us and destroy more than seven years’ worth of work. Numerous attempts to launch a website with the support of the community have failed due to a host of different reasons, the main one being volunteers underestimating of the time required to take such a task on, however. We have come up with some ideas for functionalities that would be of great value to our members, but these functionalities cannot be realised by “developer dummies” like ourselves. Existing add-ons such as WordPress and Joomla do not offer the features we are looking for. Having a site developed professionally, which would have to be done through a third party, is expensive. With multiple attempts at getting the site done by volunteers having failed, we do not want to take this path again.

It has always been the case that we admins have covered the costs (domain and software) by digging into our own pockets. This burned was decreased slightly by the sponsorship we received from Nitrado, who provided us with a TeamSpeak server, for example. For the website and all its required modules, as well as other projects we have in mind, we won’t be able to cover the expenses ourselves anymore, unfortunately.

Not to be disregarded is the amount of time we have put in to care for this group. We are perfectionists and want to complete our work with the care and attention it deserves. To what extent this perfectionism can be reflected in our finished work can be seen in our Guide zu Deutschen Gesetzen und deren Einfluss auf PC- und Konsolenspiele (Guide on German laws and their influence on PC and Console Games) which required two years of blood, sweat and tears – and all that in parallel to our jobs, studies and chronic illnesses (please note that this guide is currently only in German, but we are working on an English version).

Thus, we come to the part where we turn our attention to how we envision the future of our community and how we intend to cover the costs to have this happen, all without damaging the integrity of the group. Crowdfunding would have been an option, but managing the income gained through such a venture is particularly difficult. Moreover, a crowdfunding campaign isn’t something you can do twice, so what would happen if we needed to launch another one to “keep us going”?

After putting a lot of thought into it, we came to the conclusion that the easiest solution for all parties involved would be to restructure our partnership with Gamesplanet. For you, our group members, the only thing that will change is the discount offered to all group members will be reduced from 5% to 3%, in addition to us posting content at regular intervals – probably every two weeks – regarding current offers at Gamesplanet.

As of December 1st 2016, all members of the for UNCUT! Steam group will receive an adjusted discount of 3% on their purchases at As to how you can get this discount, nothing has changed. Consequently, with every purchase you make at Gamesplanetas of December 1st 2016, you will be supporting the growth and continued existence of the group. At this point, we recommend you have a look at our updated Gamesplanet Partner FAQ.

The contribution we receive from the group discount will not only allow us to cover the costs of the website, but it should also allow us to initiate other projects that we have had in mind for a very long time. We don’t want to reveal too much right now, also due to us not being sure by when we can have these projects completed, but we are quite certain that the upcoming effort will be worthwhile. Stay tuned!

Long story short, we are really looking forward to taking for UNCUT! in a new direction. Are you with us?